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Through V3design,A Very important essential element of a good organisation is that it must be complete in all respects.


The mandate of the Organisation includes preparation of Standards relating products, measurements, materials, processes and services amongst others and their promotion at National, Regional and International levels; certification of products, assistance in the production of quality goods and services; improvement of measurement accuracies and circulation of information relating to standards.


  • 1. Identifying and grouping of activities to attain corporate objectives and goals.

    2. Assigning these activities to appropriate divisions, departments, sections and individuals.

    3. Providing authority, delegation, co-ordination and communication.

    4. Providing facilities and equipment, i.e. physical factors of good work environment. There are four basic elements of all forms of living organisations around which any organisation centers – (i) The work (ii) The People, (iii) The authority, responsibility and (iv) The relationships.

    Clear-cut division of work defines and prescribes each part of the work to be handled by each person, giving allocation of duties and responsibilities and defining authority or power at each position in the organisation chart. Co-ordination and integration ensure elimination of duplication of work and unity of action.

    A good organisation has to fulfill four special functions:

    1. It must enable the management to maximise the outputs through provision of an efficient man-machine system.

    2. It must ensure smooth and effective net-work of communication and information.

    3. It must offer interesting and meaningful jobs to all individuals working in the organisation. This alone will ensure job satisfaction. Organisation is developed for people. It must, therefore, be humanistic also and not merely mechanistic. Both the approaches can be reconciled.

    4. It must create, maintain and develop its own image or individuality. This ensures customer goodwill. Investors will also have confidence in the enterprise. Employees can develop a sense of belonging to the organisation.




  • 1. Common goal – The main reason for the existence of an organization is to accomplish some common goals. The structure of the organization is bound by a common purpose.

    2. Division of labour – The work needed to accomplish the goals is divided into a number of functions and sub-functions. These, functions are organized in the form of departments. Each department is headed by a specialist. Such a division of function on specialty basis infuses specialisation.

    3. Authority structure – There is an arrangement of positions into graded series. Such an arrangement creates a series of superior and subordinate relationships called chain of command. Authority and responsibility associated with various positions are defined.

    4. Group – It is people who constitute the dynamic element of an organization. They work in groups in the various departments of an organization.

    5. Communication – There is free flow of communication through various official channels among the people across various departments. Most of the communication is in a written form. However, grapevine communication is also in vogue.



 According to C. L. Barnard-“The function of an art is to accomplish concrete ends, effect results, produce situations that would not come about without the deliberate effort to secure them”.

Therefore, an art is a system for the attainment of a given end. Art is concerned with the application of knowledge and skills. So, business organisation is an art in so far as one has to use his skill and knowledge in solving many complicated problems of business to achieve the enterprise objectives. Organisation is one of the most creative art in the sense that it is concerned with getting work done through others by motivating them to work and coordinating their activities.

In the ancient times it was felt that the skills of organizing business cannot be codified and communicated. But now, it has been realised that the principles of business organisation may be codified and communicated. This has given the concept of business organisation as a science.

(2) Business Organisation—a Science:

In the words of Keynes – “Science is a systematical body of knowledge which establishes relationship between cause and effect”.

Science has three basic important features:

(a) It is a systematized body of knowledge that uses scientific methods of observation.

(b) The principles are evolved on the basis of continued observation.

(c) The principles are exact and have universal applicability without any limitation.

Business organisation is a science as it is an organized body of knowledge built up by management practitioners, thinkers and philosophers, over a period of years. It has developed certain principles and rules after continued observation. But unlike Physics, Chemistry and Biology, business organisation is not an exact or accurate science. Its principles cannot be considered as fundamental truths.


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