The Ultimate Guide to Video Coverage in Nigeria

Guide to Video Coverage in Nigeria

Video coverage in Nigeria – In a time where information is very important and creating a lasting memory is more than interesting, the power of videos cannot be ignored. From the onset of every event to the end part of it, video coverage is very important.

Everyone wants to be able to show their children and loved ones how they celebrate their occasion. In Nigeria where we fight for who is better, this is one criterion that is regarded for every event.

Before you even mention an event, you are blasted with the question “You don see camera man?” That’s us, our hometown, our people, believing that every event should be captured and shown to our children in the future.

They are never wrong, I guess you saw some pictures and old videos of your parents’ marriage or even grand parents’ burial ceremony. This is normal for us Nigerians. We want to be seen.

Video Coverage in Nigeria
Video Coverage in Nigeria

So when we have events upcoming, we are tasked with questions like:
1. Who knows any Camera man
2. How much does the videographer charge
3. How much does it cost to rent a camera
4. Can any camera man in Nigeria livestream to my families abroad?
5. Which is the biggest video graphing company in Nigeria
6. What is the quality of the camera that will be used?

These and many more become the questions in our minds. One major fear is due to our past experience, what one camera man did to us. Well welcome to Nigeria where camera man plans events a day too. So people prefer to deal with agencies.

Whether you’re overseas or in Nigeria, this guide will help you understand what video coverage is and how to choose a videographer for your event.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey through Nigeria’s video realm, where innovation, culture, and storytelling converge to create a tapestry of visual experiences unlike any other.

Types of  Coverage in Nigeria


1. Nollywood Movies:
Nollywood, Nigeria’s booming film industry, is renowned worldwide for its prolific production of movies. These movies cover a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy, romance to action. Nollywood productions often reflect the cultural nuances and societal issues of Nigeria, making them a unique and captivating form of video coverage.

2. Vlogging and YouTube Channels:
With the rise of digital platforms, vlogging and YouTube channels have become increasingly popular in Nigeria. Content creators share their daily lives, travel experiences, cooking tutorials, and more. Nigerian YouTubers have garnered substantial followings both locally and internationally.

3. Documentary Filmmaking:
Documentaries provide a powerful means of shedding light on various aspects of Nigerian society. From exploring cultural traditions to addressing social issues, documentary filmmakers in Nigeria play a vital role in bringing important stories to the forefront.

4. Music Videos:
Nigeria’s music scene is vibrant and diverse, and music videos play a significant role in promoting artists and their work. Nigerian music videos are known for their creativity, vibrant visuals, and storytelling, often blending music with narrative elements.

5. Corporate Videos:
Businesses in Nigeria use video coverage extensively for marketing, training, and communication purposes. Corporate videos showcase products, services, and corporate culture, helping companies connect with their target audience.

6. News and Journalism:
News outlets and journalists rely on video coverage to report on current events and stories. Video reports and live broadcasts provide viewers with real-time information and insight into local and global events.

7. Social Media Content:
Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are popular among Nigerians for sharing short-form video content. Influencers and brands leverage these platforms to reach a wide audience and engage with their followers.

8. Educational Videos:

Educational institutions and e-learning platforms use video coverage to deliver lessons and educational content. This approach has become especially important in recent times with the growth of online education.

9. Fashion and Beauty Videos:

Nigerian fashion and beauty enthusiasts create content to showcase the latest trends, makeup tutorials, and styling tips. These videos cater to a growing audience interested in fashion and personal grooming.

10. Event Coverage:
This is the major reason people require the services of a videographer. From weddings and cultural festivals to conferences and sports events, video coverage is crucial for capturing and reliving memorable moments. Event videographers play a vital role in preserving these occasions.

These are just a few examples of the diverse landscape of video coverage in Nigeria. Whether you’re interested in entertainment, education, or business, there’s a niche within the Nigerian video industry for everyone to explore and excel in.

I know these are a lot of grammar to swallow and you just want to know the price videographers charge and how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming billing (lol). Ok let’s go;

How much does Video Coverage Cost in Nigeria?

Video coverage in Nigeria costs from NGN70,000 to as high as NGN5,000,000. Yes, that is the range of money a videographer charges. There are still videographers that charge less than NGN70k but you are putting yourself at risk with old equipment.

A standard Video Coverage Agency in Nigeria charges between NGN70k to NGN5Million. That includes the lightning, Camera, Tripod and other little Equipment. Just like us, some go as far as streaming for that amount and still provide a very transparent service.

So here you have it. Now it’s left for you to plan your budget to fall within the range of 70,000 to 5,000,000 so that you can get quality service. Don’t be scared to price with any agency and ensure to know the quality of equipment before you start pricing.

How Much do Video Editors Charge in Nigeria?

Video Editors in Nigeria charge as low as NGN50,000 to as high as NGN500,000. Yes, this is the price range they charge.

If you want to organize an event, Unlike us, most agencies will charge you separately for editing. But we don’t at v3design. We believe that your video coverage payment should also cover editing.

So if you are looking for a video coverage agency in Nigeria that doesn’t charge you for Video Editing, we are the right agency for you. You don’t have to pay for video coverage and video editing separately.

How to Choose a Videographer for Your Event

So now you know everything about video coverage in Nigeria, here is how to choose one for your event:
1. Check their track records
2. Ask about the quality of equipment they work with
3. Ask about their pricing

These three questions alone can help you throw any videographer or video coverage agency in Nigeria off guard. After asking, ensure to compare and then make your choice. If you feel any worth your pick, then go for it. You can also hire us. Here are some reasons you should.

Why V3design Media is the Best Video Agency In Nigeria

We have set a track record, not only in the technology industry but also in the media world. We have proof and our pricing is affordable.

We can get your event from ground to top. Whether it is just regular coverage or live streaming, we got you. Let’s get your event the best coverage it needs. Get started with us today.




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